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Rob Zolkos

January 13, 2015

Just Publish It

A lot of companies have blogs and news sections that are stale and not updated often. I’ve long been a proponent of keeping websites updated, particularly the news/blog section. It’s a sign of a healthy business that it is keeping its online face up-to-date and giving its clients (and more importantly potential clients) a sign that the business has a pulse. That it is doing something.

I’ve seen a lot of companies prepare some great blog posts - in draft format. Too scared to press ‘publish’ because the post is not ‘polished’. Not ‘perfect’. I’m not sure if there is a real fear that publishing the imperfect post will send the companies stock plummeting or clients fleeing in droves? Perhaps its an imagined fear that all things must be perfect in business.

My advice is - just publish it. Obviously run a spell and grammar check. Perhaps even have a co-worker read it. But publish it. Let the world know the business has a pulse. That things are happening. If the post was worthwhile typing out, it must have been important to you for some reason. It doesn’t need to be perfect for it to resonate with some of your readers/visitors.

I believe your business will suffer more from not publishing anything at all to publishing an allegedly imperfect blog post.